HON 1010C Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Nous, Dianoia, Episteme

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Philosophy 1000C
Lecture 6
“The Republic” Continued and “Phaedo”
The Divided Line Continued
AB (Image) socially conditioned beliefs that make up most of the beliefs of human
o Some true, some false
BC (Object) beliefs based on observations, still doesn’t tell you what’s really real
o Ex) “It looks like it’s going to rain” is based on observations, such as cloudy skies
o Often if one has evidence (observations) that contradict a belief, the belief will
still remain
Non-Observable Objects episteme
CD dianoia; start with hypothesis (educated guess); general statements about
observations from BC
o BC is now treated as an image of CD
o Using talk of non-observable to explain the observable
What we do in science
o Plato wasn’t talking about physics because physics didn’t exist during his time,
but he was referring to mathematics (platonic forms/ideals)
o Plato believes this is the knowledge that can change the world
Has proved true (ex. Diagnosing and curing illnesses)
DE noesis; source of all, “all” meaning everything unseen and seen; gives us the
explanation of why there are things seen and unseen
Relation to Cave Analogy
World of sight = habitation in prison
Sunlight = firelight
Rising of the soul into the world of the mind = ascent and view of the upper world
The Good = the sun
Socrates = the man who’s gone all the way up, seen the truth and Good, and tried to teach
everyone else but was killed for his work of doing such
Describes the death of Socrates
Friends come to join Socrates
Socrates tells his friends to tell Euenos to follow Socrates (in death)
o Because he’s a philosopher
o Claiming that any philosopher should be happy to die, but will not commit suicide
the Image
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