PSY 492 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Operant Conditioning, Tracheotomy, Positive Psychology

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18 Oct 2016
Health Behaviors
include positive behaviors as well as avoiding negative behaviors
exist on a continuum, meaning that there can be extremes that are detrimental and an
appropriate balance is necessary
our understanding of health behaviors will continue to develop as more research and risk
factors are revealed
o e.g. moderate alcohol use
cardiovascular benefits?
some health behaviors have immediate effects (seat belts) but others have long-term
effects (unhealthy diets)
Breslow & Breslow, 1993 research project
o researchers started tracking the behaviors of residents in a California county in
o longitudinal model of research
o goal was to observe the effects of 7 key health behaviors
sleeping 7-8 hours daily
never smoking
being around the healthy body weight
moderate use of alcohol
regular physical exercise
eating breakfast
avoiding between meal snacking
o about 20 years of data collection
o results showed that there was a stark difference; those who engaged in more
health behaviors lived longer lives (lower mortality rate), and those who engaged
in fewer health behaviors passed away more quickly (higher mortality rate)
health belief model
o decisions we make about health are influenced by 4 interacting factors
o most commonly used theory
o basis for educational about health behaviors
o consists of:
perceived susceptibility
perceived seriousness
perceived benefits
perceived barriers/costs
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find more resources at
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