BIO 243 Lecture 1: Anatomy and Physiology copy: TISSUES cont.

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31 May 2019
[supports ,connects ,binds
to other things
connective Tissue
Vascular (some -no blood vessels in cartilage )
most abundant ,widely distributed ,and variable tissues
Occupy less space than the extracellular matrix
General functions
Binding -tendons and ligaments tendons bind muscle to bone ,ligaments bind bone to bone
Support and protection -Bones cartilage supports ears ,nose .larynx,tracheal fibrous tissues form the framework of organs (spleen )
Energy storage and insulation -Fat Holds things in place ,major energy reserve
Transportation -Blood transports gas ,nutrients ,waste ,hormones ,Red Blood cells
(RBC )
Classification -the body's primary energy reservoir
[fat loose vs dense
-Loose connective tissue Areolar .Adipose ,Reticular connective ## -staffer
parallel ,
not parallel
-Dense connective tissue Dense regular .irregular,et for oblasts form vocal cords and spinal ligaments
Cartilage Hyaline ,elastic .fibro cartilage
(template for endo Chon drat ossification
-Bone Hard ,calcified connective tissue {spongy
primary function is transport compact -denser ,calcified tissue with no spaces
-Blood Fluid tissue that flows through tubular blood vessels ##Dendrites
£/Axon terminal
Nervous Tissue If- -
internal communication =-=Synapse
%;ma¥÷÷¥ :satin .responsiveness :no
skeletal muscle :Body movement long ,threadlike -󲍻nucleus
cells attached to bone /Receptive Region
cardiac muscle :Heart contraction and movement of blood
smooth muscle :tubular contraction -controls movement flow ex :digestion,Blood pressure
enables cells to resist stress ,communicate with each other ,and control movement
Types of cell Junctions -connections between cells
-Tight Junction -completely encircles epithelial cell
Des mo some -Prevents things from pulling apart ,but doesn't prevent leaking
-Connex on "
-Gap Junctions -6transmembrane proteins in aring surrounded by water channel
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