BIO 358 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Social Contract

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Topic 21: Democratization, hierarchy and social psychology
1) Democratization, hierarchy and social psychology
a) As e auie e oeie tehologies o a e sale e eole
b) Modern human revolution, agricultural revolution, archaic states all follow this theory
1) Moey ad hua soial oopeatio
a) money has value because they are difficult to cope, non-counterfeitable, and we agree to use them by
means of exchange
i) enforcement of this is also necessary
b) we predict currency emerges as the scale of social coop increases
c) Beads used as uey y Hopeell BMH
d) When you can police COI and enforce legal exchanges currency makes sense
2) The logic of enforcement of cooperation by elite warriors
a) Primary coalition: kinship independent village that ancestral humans lived in
i) Limited by throwing stones and some other stuff
ii) As social scale expands..
b) Looking at coalitions of coalitions
i) Aka secondary coalition
ii) Require people to engage in public market exchange
(1) Arises w/ BMH and continues into the archaic states to modern world
iii) Problem: organized crime
(1) “olutio: loge age pojetile eapo to efoe oopeatio…. BUT
(2) The first time in human history, elite warriors were enforcing cooperation
(3) Each circle send-off elite warriors but these elite warriors ban together and now make a
hierarchal governed coalition
c) Review of ethical psychology
i) Moral outrage & guilt
ii) Higher purpose
(1) Be able to show how valuable you are
iii) Conformity
(1) Expect people to behave, dress, etc. in a particular way
iv) Beliefs….
(1) Information we pass on by generations that are designed to help us navigate the world
(2) Serve majority consensual interests
d) Elite armored warriors
i) in moral outrage
(1) Source of right and source of power are the same thing
ii) Insist on conformity
iii) They look at commoners as domesticated animals
iv) Guilt
v) Beliefs
(1) Serve elite consensual interests
(2) Pragmatic: engineering knowledge, stuff that makes us possible to live?
(3) Social contract: hat’s ight ad hat’s og
(a) Learnt as children
(b) Identifier: using beliefs as to identify ourselves as members of a coalition
(4) All major religions arise at the context of the archaic state
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