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Lecture 30

BIO 202 Lecture 30: Spicing_mRNA_Translation

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BIO 202

Chapter 17 RNA Processing: Slicing - Most eukaryotic genes and their RNA transcripts have a long noncoding stretch of nucleotides that lie between coding regions - Noncoding regions are known as introns - Pre-RNA for eukaryotes contains introns and exons [unlike prokaryotes that are already matured] - Pre-RNA needs to have a 5’ cap and poly-A-tails added in and introns sliced out - Exons need to be joined together when introns are removed - Exons are eventually expressed, usually translated into amino acid sequences - Splicing, 5’ capping and poly-A-tail takes place in the nucleus, where transcriptions happens - Spliceosome is a complex of RNAs and proteins - The complexes are called snRNPs - Within spliceosome, base pairing between the pre-mRNA and snRNA promotes cleavage and ligation (splicing) - Consensus sequences are at intron/exon junction and branch point - Ribozyme: RNA molecule with enzymatic activity [like an enzyme] Why Splicing? - Some genes can encode more than one kind of polypeptide, depending on which segments are treated as exons during RNA splicing - Such variations are called alternative RNA splicing - You can generate different combinations on a single strand of gene - We can generate multiple gene products from the same gene - Proteins often have a modular architecture consisting of discrete regions called domains, which impart a structure and/or function - Domains are typically encoded by discrete exons, and structurally/functionally related proteins most
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