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Lecture 16

PSY 349 Lecture 16: Women's Oral Health

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PSY 349
Marci Lobel

Guest Speaker: Women’s Oral Health Beliefs About Health that Influence Behavior Sunscreen can prevent skin cancer Fluoride can prevent cavities An apple a day keeps the doctor away Oral Health Beliefs: Health Belief #1: I have “soft teeth” Health Belief #2: I will lose my teeth at a young age Health Belief #3: There is nothing I can do about it All of these beliefs affected oral health behaviors Oral Health Info Caries (cavities) Bad bacteria Absence of saliva Poor dietary habits The most common childhood illness Protective factors: Saliva and sealants Antimicrobials Fluoride Effective Diet Periodontal Disease (gums) Caused by different bacteria within the plaque Triggers an inflammatory response Both result from plaque When we eat, our mouth becomes acidic and demineralizes; saliva reintroduces those minerals Hygiene Recommendations Brush after every meal or brush twice a day and chew sugarless gum PM brushing is important Floss at least onc
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