WST 371 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Sexual Differentiation, Sex Assignment, Devaluation

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More on sex differentiation, conclusion “mad men”
Mim - from a young age learned what she couldn’t be
Sex differentiation: idea that men & women will do separate things
begins at birth when babies are assigned sex & colored hats
Largely on appearance
Society matchup behavior w/appearance
Becomes a part of sex & equality
Sex =\= $, power, status
Socialization - process that starts before birth
Way you should dress, act
Puts us on a prescribed path → path become oppressive
Sexual division of labor - different sexes in different work categories
One sex is favored of another
3rd wave of feminism
Surgical strikes
The fact that you see change, proves that there can be change
What I do is less important b/c the category I am in is less powerful
Why is it that I have less vale & less power for being in that category
When men work in female dominated fields/undervalued work - status, money,
credentials, value rise
When women enter male dominated fields - nope
Mad men
Wouldn’t kill you to show your legs
Women & men fall in line with the rules
Peggy (new girl) & Joan (office manager)
Nobody of color
Male white dominated world
Reading #2 - office ladies in japanese companies
College graduates in japan both men & men working in college banking - same
Women → clerical positions - ladies girls ~ nothing special about them
Men → management - men
Determined path of this is what men & women do
Idea: office ladies as girls
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