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BIO 121, October 2nd

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BIO 121
Jason Wiles

BIO 121, Class Notes - October 2nd Solar Energy • Less than one billionth of the sun’s total energy reaches Earth’s outer atmosphere • Thirty percent is reflected back to space immediately • Less than one percent drives the wind and ocean currents • 0.02 percent captured by photosynthesis • Twenty-three percent runs the hydrological cycle • Fourty-seven percent is absorbed by the atmosphere • All solar energy is ultimately re-radiated to space as heat Energy One-way Flow • Energy from sun goes through a one way flow chart • First Trophic Level: Producers, plants • Second Trophic Level: Primary consumers, mouse • Third Trophic Level: Secondary consumers, snake • Fourth Trophic Level: Tertiary consumers, hawk • Decomposers Materials in Ecosystems • Cycle and recycle between organisms and the abiotic environment • Sun goes one way, recycling will be used over and over again EX. Carbon Cycle Energy flows one way through the system back out to the universe • Tree of Life • All living things are related via common ancestry Bacteria • Bacteria include the vast majority of prokaryotes of which most people are aware •
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