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Maggots to Murder POGIL

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Syracuse University
CHE 113

Entomology From Maggots to MurderHow are bugs used to identify the post mortem index PMI of remains Why An important part of Forensic Entomology is the collection identification and analysis of insects and often beetles that are found on a decomposing bodyThe usage of insects and their larva to determine the post mortem index is what is considered the medicolegal usage of entomologyAn alternative is to use the study of insects in the analysis of urban pests and stored product insects that are commonly found in foodstuffs Learning Outcome Students will be able to identify the flies maggots and pupa most often used in the determination of PMIStudents will be able to read an isomeglan graph or chart to determine PMI Students will be able to infer the effects of temperature and various abiotic factors on the growth cycle of the common flies and beetles New Concepts The life cycle of a fly or beetle is known and easily predictable even with varying factors such as temperature moisture and sun The measurement of maggots and pupa found at the body as well as an isomeglan chart can help determine the post mortem index of the deceased Prerequisites Reading Assignment
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