Hearing Disorders

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Communication Sci & Disorders
CSD 212

-Pathology: disorder of hearing organ -May affect OE, ME, IE, hair cell, auditory nerve, auditory complex -OE pathologies: pinna, acq. -Irritative reactions -Chronic rubbing, insect bites -Trauma -Cauliflower ear -Frostbite -OE pathologies: genetic -Macrotia -Large pinna -Anotia -No ear -Microtia -Small ear -Preauricular tags/pits -Outstanding ear -OE pathologies -Complications/disorders of pinna -Difficulty w/ localization -Hearing usually not affected (unless EAM also involved) -Cosmetic concerns -Treatment = plastic surgery, prosthetics -External auditory meatus -Atresia: complete blockage by soft tissue, bone -Stenosis: narrowing ear canal -Obstruction -ME pathologies: otitis media -Otitis media -Active inflammation &/or infection -Disease of mucous membrane -80% of children >3 yrs old -Acute or chronic -Serous otitis media -Clear, non-bacterial fluid -Mucoid otitis media -Aka “glue ear” -Thick, viscous fluid -Suppurative otitis media -Pus-like fluid, bacteria present -Audiological findings: conductive hearing dependent on amt./viscosity of fluid -Treatment = antibiotics, myringotomy, tympanostomy tubes -ME pathologies: cholesteatoma -Cholesteatoma -Growth of epithelium tissue in ME or mastoid -Long periods of neg. ME pressure & recurring infection -Slowly inc. in size & may cause destruction of surrounding bone -Bony cyst in ME space -Complications: -Conductive HL -TM perforation -Otorrhea -Facial paralysis -Treatment = surgical removal -ME pathologies: ossicular discontinuity -Ossicular discontinuity -Disruption/interruption of normal articulation btwn ossi
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