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COM107—Media Effects

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COM 107
Joe Hedger

COM107—Media Effects 12/3/2013 9:51:00 AM Media Effects Research  More than just “whether there is a connection between aggressive behavior and violence in the media…”  Does media affect viewers?  Social comparison  Types of effects research o Propaganda Analysis: the effects of information o Public Opinion Research: how the public feels o Marketing research: what the public wants o Cultural studies: meanings of the messages of media o Experimental research: changes that can be observed Early Theories  Direct Effects (Magic Bullet/Hypodermic Needle): media have an immediate and consistent effect on audiences o Assumes a passive audience; “transmission” view o Original model: not accepted as true anymore  Minimal Effects Model: media is part of a larger system o Media reinforce previously held ideologies, beliefs, attitudes  Selection bias: hear what you want to hear  Selective exposure: engage in content that you want  Selective retention: remember what you want to remember  Uses and Gratifications Model: media gratify needs o Assumes an active audience; effects depend on use/needs  Reception Theory: audience bring meaning to media o Effects
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