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MAT 121 Ch. 1

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MAT 121
Abdellatif Bourhim

Intro to Statistics and Probability Aug 26Data collection of observances measurements genders survey responses2 types QuantitativeQualitativeQuantitative NumbersDiscrete random and counted Continuous selected and measuredQualitative Non numbers gender blood type hair colorNominal do not indicate rank or sequence Ordinal series 1st 2nd 3rd Statistics Study of the collection organization analysis and interpretation of the dataPopulation Entire collection of all items studiedCensus Collection of data from every member of the populationSample subgroup of population Used to estimateUsed because it is hard to reach all of populationParameter characteristic based on populationDenoted by Greek lettermu population mean averagesigma population standard N population sizeStatistic describes a sampleUsed to estimateDenoted by a Latin letterinsert x with a bar on topsample meanaveragessample standard deviationLook for theses wordsPARAMETER PopulationSTATISTIC Sample Level of measurement 4 types1Nomial level qualitative data NO ranking or order Ex Movies different genres 2Ordinal level qualitative data Can be ranked Ex Course grades ABCDF
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