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Lecture 29

MAT 122 Lecture 29: Absorbing Markov Chains

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Syracuse University
MAT 122

Pnoperties of Absovoi I. ND hatter where yuv start end In an anse state. of the hansiinn matrix get cleer sume fixed matvix. 3. The long term trend depends on the Inihal state et P be the transit m matix for an absorbing ualLON Chain Reorder LL. the states so that all absorbiny states Conte fit. Matix P will han like tin ln tme of sine m nhere ma number absbiblns states. 0 15 all Define the fundamental matrix P: an R) hhure n is the s t Q. Q will always be a Square The element In YDN i column y at F gives the expected number of vrits of sume th tim In i to) before it get absu bed. FR the pubaulties that Sumetn In State aksu bod i State Exert humbr as P (a) H Sometning stort, un 1 on average hor many trmer dues tt Poss betsye being abso ood? Cbl someth on avevage now ma 213 abs nted into 2? (d) lf something starty H nhat 21 TR Cal Start In vl number th time thitugn betve abarved (b) start in l number steps betre (c) Start in pmbaki litt trd in 3 d) Start in 1. what is most likly stat to get avsowed into
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