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Lecture 18

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PSY 335

Chapter12GenderDevelopmentGenderwhatmakesyoumaleorfemaleGender Boys in Blue Girls in Pink things have changed men wear pink now temperament shows attachment to caregivers culture is also a major contribution A different Taxonomy David Bakan identifies two dynamic principles of natureagency and communion Agency manifests itself in isolation alienation and aloneness Communion manifests itself in contact openness and union Agency manifests itself in the urge to master Communion in contractual cooperationSandra Bems Androgyny Scale Bem considers the human condition as a composite of masculine and feminine In this conceptualization people who are androgynous exhibit high levels of both masculine and feminine characteristics This is not unlike Bakans conceptGender Roles gender differences emerge more clearly as we age and become influenced by gender roles from society norms Gender Identity Developing Femaleness and Maleness Preschoolage children often children have very strict ideas about genderappropriate behavior they have more genderstereotyped expectations than those of adults theirconceptionsare less flexible than at any other point in the life span A Physiological PerspectiveThe story of eyes Boys have more Mcells Where is it How fast is it moving What direction is it traveling Girls have more Pcells What is it What color is it What is the texture Psychoanalytic Perspectives Do men and women give directions differently Some aspects of psychoanalytic theory have been supported
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