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Lecture 15

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PSY 335

SocialEmotionalDevelopmentAttachment An emotional bond with a specific person that is enduring across space and time The observations of John Bowlby and others involved with institutionalized children led to an understanding of the importance of parentchild interactions in development Many investigators now believe that childrens early relationships with parents influence the nature of their interactions with others from infancy into adulthood as well as their feelings about their own worthCaregiverChild Attachment Relationship Harry Harlows experimental work with monkeys who were deprived of all early social interactions strongly supported the view that healthy social and emotional development is rooted in childrens early social interactions with adultsAttachment Theory John Bowlby proposed attachment theory which is influenced by ethological theory and posits that children are biologically predisposed to develop attachments with caregivers as a means of increasing the chances of their own survival Bowlbys Attachment Theory Secure base is Bowlbys term for an attachment figures presence that provides an infant or toddler with a sense of security that makes it possible for the infant to explore the environment Mary Ainsworth Bowlbys student extended and tested his ideas Ainsworths Research Mary Ainsworth developed a laboratory procedure called The Strange Situation to assess infants attachment to their primary caregivers In this procedure the child is exposed to seven episodes including two separations and reunions with the caregiver and interactions with a stranger when alone and when the caregiver is in the room Using this procedure Ainsworth identified three attachment categories
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