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Personality Psych

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1Cognitive ApproachIntroductionWhat is the cognitive approach oStudies how we perceive the world and how this perception shapes who we areMain ThemesoPersonality Processes Perception thought motivation emotionInformation Processing Goaldirected behaviorSelf oWhat You Know About YouSchemasDefinitionoMental structure of knowledge textbookoCognitive structure that organizes informationHelps us make sense of the multiple stimuli we encounterHelps us perceive organize process and use the information in our environmentsEffects of SchemasoUnderstandingRemembering Consistent is goodoAttention Extreme informationeveryone noticesNormal informationdepends on schemaAllows for individual schemasSelfSchemasoDefinition Includes all of ones ideas about the selfoMeasurementSelf Ratings Reaction time eg Markus 1977 PrimingDefinitionoActivation of a concept Ex Freshly baked cookiesoCauses behind primingRecently activated Something that just happened to you will ready you respond to your environmentChronically activated Become part of your own cognitive systemChronic Accessibility Where fromoEvolutionary reasons Genetically predisposed because of evolutionary benefitoInnate temperament oExperienceIndividual Differences and Chronic AccessibilityoRejection Sensitivity Individuals who constantly are stimulated to scan their environments for impending rejectionEx Will you like meoAggression
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