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Sociological Imagination

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SOC 101

Soc 101 August 31, 2011 The Sociological Imagination Social Structure  The forms of “reality” that emerge from social interaction Institutions -Definition: Large scale social structures that are meeting the basic needs of society  Economic institution o Production and distribution of resources  Family institution o Reproduction of members and raising  Educational institution o Inculcating new members/instilling culture  Political institution o Organize decision making/maintaining social order  Religious institution o Providing personal meaning for members  Health and medical institution o Taking care of he sick and injured  Mass media institution o Distributing information Behavior  Roles o Enacted within institutions o Reflect an individuals position within society  Norms o Set of expectations of what you will do in a particular role o Specific rules of conduct o Informal expectations regarding appropriate behavior  Values o Culturally based beliefs about what’s good/bad, right/wrong o Provide general guidance for our behavior Stratification  A system through which individuals are grouped into categories, or strata, according to their social status  Strata o Categories of people who are similar in income, education, and occupation  Social status o Position in society that is located in a particular social institution and associated with certain roles o Provides access to power and prestige o Power = ability to influence o Prestige = wellness in social status Culture 
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