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TRM 151
Susannah Sayler

Transmedia 151 Susannah Sayler October 9, 2013 VisitingArtist: Micheal Robinson Introduction: - American art video and collage artist - Shown internationally, festivals - Numerous awards and grants Presentation & Viewing: - Short form film and video - MR went to school for narrative film, but was “seduced” by experimental - works involve media and consumerism + childhood spent with TV, radio and video games + how do these affect development? - pop music and overdramatic movies - photos and collage are a secondary practice +results from needing time away from vid +tactile and immediate “sibling” - titles chosen as bad puns or taken from source piece • These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us (2010) - all found footage - Micheal Johnson obsession fuels +early 90s career +MJ dies in 2009 +Jackson’s confidants, esp. Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra (1963) • The General Returns from One Place to Another (2006) - a film at war with itself text and title taken from Frank O’Hare’s play - • Circle in the Sand (2012)-an excerpt from - all of MR’s films are collages - all contain narrativ
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