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Lecture 1

ATMO 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Water Vapor, Radiant Energy, Ultraviolet

Atmospheric Sciences
Course Code
ATMO 201
Timothy Logan

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Lecture 1
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
4:15 PM
Extreme Weather
What's going on in Texas and the world?
o Past flooding in Houston and other parts of Texas
When forecasts go wrong….
Short lead time - storms hit before upgrade to slight risk (SLGT). 35 tornadoes
o 5% chance of tornadoes is still significant
o The eather serice did’t predict the daage i Idiaapolis
Bryan, TX EF - 1 "Wedge" Tornado
Read pg. 4-14
Answer questions 1-11 on pg. 32
What severe weather events have you experienced?
Chapter 1
The Journey Begins
Startrek planet - has absolutely no water
Extreme Weather Hazards
Number of weather and climate related disasters by state that caused at
least I billion dollars of damage
o Graph of US, color coated by number of events
NORTH CAROLINA (Wiped out all of the beach houses and tobacco crops)
OKLAHOMA (tornadoes)
CALIFORNIA (droughts and floods)
o Pie chart of weather related deaths by type
Heat is the biggest percentage (43%)
Which ones effect individuals (floods) and which ones effect communities (heat)
o Table from textbook
We care about drought because of crops
China - drought and rice don't go together
o Graph of US, color coated by total fatalities per million people per year
Flooding (top), Lightning (middle), Tornado (bottom)
MISSISSIPPI (2.8 - highest index for tornadoes)
SOUTH DAKOTA (7.2 - highest index for flooding)
VERMONT (why is Vermont higher in lightning than the other surrounding
states? Higher elevation)
Why we all should care…
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