PSYC 107 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Stranger Danger, Emerging Adulthood And Early Adulthood, Fluid And Crystallized Intelligence

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Developmental Phychology
Psyc 107 Chapter 5
PIYW #1 due Wed. 2/15
Write a brief summary
What concepts from class relate? How
What research from lectire or text is related?
How does this relate to your life?
Attachment and Culture
Responsiveness: US=responses to signals; Japan = preemptive
1:1 v. multiple mothering
Stranger danger v. Stranger friendly (socialization)
What’s the goal?
Sex and Gender
Physical sex: physically being male or femals
Gender roles (cultural): behaviors or appearances associated with being male or female (Bio, social,
Gender schemes (personal): generalizations about what is appropriate for boys and girls
If you were buying clothes for your child, what would inform your decision?
o Color, how people perceive their child
Before the 1940s, reguardless of color, in both cases, boys and girls wore dresses
As we get older, expectations will change part of a marketing tool
4 periods
1.) Emerging adulthood (18-25)
o Identity crisis: develop integrated self-image
o Choosing career
2.) Early adulthood (25-40)
3.) Middle Adulthood (40-665) Parents
4.) Late Adulthood: (65+) grandparents
Cognitive Changes
Adult thought is more complex and adaptive than adolescents
Abilities involvong intensive info processes decline in early adulthood
Abilities involving accumulating knowledge and experience improve until at least age 60
Terminal drop: decline in mental functioning near death
Have trouble walking
Crystallized intelligence oe’s auulated koledge ad eral skills, eperience with the world
o Increases with age
Fluid intelligence oe’s ailit to reaso speedil ad astratl, proessig speed, ailit to appl thigs
to situations
o Tends to decrease during late adulthood
Neurons die with age, howeverm they can continue to increase in complexity
Dementia: loss in mental functioning caused by physical changes in the brain, natural process
o Fewer than 1% of those ofer 65 have dementia
o About 20% over 80 have dementia
Alzheimer’s Disease disease that is progressive and irreversible brain disorder
o Cell death starts in hippocampus and spreads
o Gradual deterioration of memory, reasoning, language, and finally physical functioning ending in
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