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Lecture 1

THAR 201 Lecture 1: Origins of Greek Theatre

Theatre Arts
Course Code
THAR 201

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Ancient Greece
Dithyrambs: He-goat Song- When people told stories through songs
o These songs were for Dionysus (God of wine/fertility/theatre)
Thespis- 6th Century BCE
o He sings and acts the song
City Dionysia-5th Century BCE
o Playwright Competition
Must submit 3 tragedies and 1 satyr play
Aeschylus 525-455 BCE
o He creates a second character in a play instead of just one character.
Allows the ability to show conflict
Sophocles 495-406 BCE
o Creates a third character in a play instead of 2
Allows for more conflict (Love Triangles)
Euripides 480-406 BCE
o Most prolific playwright to exist
o Created the most popular plays
Types of Dramas from Ancient Greece
Tragedy: When someone who is highborn (king/queen) is brought low due to some flaw.
They may be deaded.
Comedy: About domestic (everyday) people who are striving to be higher up in society.
The entertainment (laughter) comes in when they fail.
Satyr: A play with a lot of crude, inappropriate jokes. Funny
Theatre and Democracy in Ancient Greece
508 BCE: Worlds First Democracy: Athens
o Athenian Citizenship
1. Could not be a slave (someone from a conquered territory)
2. 18 years or older
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