ECED 2106 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Phonological Awareness, Phonemic Awareness, Language Processing In The Brain

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Language in Our Lives
What is Language?
A medium of communication
An essential component of all cultures Laguage is essetial to soiet
Without laguage, a soiet ad its ulture aot eist
A system of symbols by which we clarify our thinking
Oral language
Listening and speaking
Written language
Reading and writing
Receptive language what we can understand or comprehend; what we can take in
(Listening and Reading)
Expressive language what we can produce when communicating; what we put out
(Speaking and Writing)
All the aspects are interrelated, learned in conjunction with each other, and contribute
to language development.
Phonological Knowledge
Knowledge of the sound-symbol relationships in a language
Discrimination of speech sounds precedes the ability to produce those sounds.
Phoneme smallest unit of sound (phonemic awareness)
Phonological awareness the conscious awareness of distinct speech sounds in
language and the ability to manipulate their language (sound-symbol relationship)
Prosodic features intonation, loudness, tempo, and rhythm; mood or tone; phrasing
Semantic Knowledge
Knowledge of word labels that specify concepts
Vocabulary is highly correlated with linguistic competence and reading comprehension
Schema Theory it is easier to learn something new when you can attach it
something known
Knowledge of the system of rules for combining words in meaningful phrases and
Differences in word order may confuse a student learning English
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