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Geography and Urban Studies
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GUS 4015
Carolyn Adams

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● Rutherford Platt - wrote basic text on land use planning, "the central problem of land use law is that of externalities requires the use of regulatory gov't authority..." ● externalities - those effected (third party) outside of the decision making process, spillover ● police power - ability of the state to coerce citizens; one institution that should be able to force citizens to do something you do not want to do; monopolizes coercion; originated at the state level ● Constitution - power delegated upward to federal government from the states (postal service, currency/money, etc.) ● zoning - separation of housing, ● invasion and succession - clusters of immigrants would move into cities and move around and beyond cities to better living, jobs, etc.; sociologists at the University of Chicago ● Euclid case - small residential town
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