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Lecture 2

HIST 0865 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Article 231 Of The Treaty Of Versailles, League Of Nations Mandate, Free Trade

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HIST 0865
Eric J Perinovic

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Major Argument
The settlement of World War 1 marked the beginning of the end for empires,
even though it was designed by, and in many cases meant to strengthen
Key Terms
Woodrow Wilson
The Decree on Peace
The War Guilt Clause
The Mandate System
The debate between structure and contingency
The historical debate over the power of individuals to change major world
Woodrow Wilson and the development off a new international order
Important aims:
Peace without victory
Every nation of people should be independent and autonomous
The equality of nations
By nation, Wilson meant ethnic nation
Generally mean white, European nation
Free trade and freedom of the seas
Believed greater commercial ties would lead to greater international
Called for the creation of an international organization to maintain this new
As opposed to alliances
1917 - Important events for Wilson
Americas entry into WW1
Gave America an practical stake in the outcome of the war
Wilson gained leverage over the outcome
Russian Revolution
Russia withdraws from WW1
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