IB 3101 Lecture 9: Week 9 – Chapter 12 – Strategy of International Business

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Temple University
International Business Admn
IB 3101
Susan Feinberg

Week 9 Chapter 12 Strategy of International Business Strategy Actions that managers take to attain the goals of the firm o Profitability Is the rate of return the firm makes on its invested capital Reduce costs Add value and raise prices o Profit growth Is the percentage increase in net profits over time Sell more in existing markets Enter new markets Value Created = price consumer is willing to pay (value to consumer) cost of production Cost Leadership Strategy Minimize costs Ex. Micron Differentiation Strategy Competitive advantage by having unique features Ex. Rolex, McDonalds, PWC Primary Activities Involves creating the product, marketing and delivering the product to buyers, and providing support and aftersale service to the buyers of the product o Rd o Production o Marketing o Sales o Customer service o Design Support Activities Provides the inputs that allow the primary activities of production and marketing to occur o Information systems o Logistics o HR Organization architecture The totality of a firms organization formal organizational structure, control systems and incentives, organizational culture, processes, and people Organizational structure The formal division of the organization into subunits
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