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Lecture 17

BIOL 190 Lecture 17: cell cycle 1

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BIOL 190
Angela Cox

Cell Cycle Control ● Cell cycle control involves both internal and external signals ○ Regulatory proteins coded for by cell’s DNA Growth factors and other signals from the outside ● These signals function in each stage of cycle ( G1, S, G2, and M) and together act as “checkpoints” during the cycle Signal transduction pathways ● A signal transduction pathway- series of molecular changes ○ Convert a signal on the target cell’s surface to a specific response within the cell ● Signal transduction pathways are crucial to many cellular functions Cell Checkpoints ● Pass G1 Checkpoint if: ○ Sufficient nutrients ○ Growth factors present ○ Cell size is appropriate ○ No DNA damage ○ Environment favorable ● Growth factors are usually protein hormones that stimulate cell division Quiescence ● G0 (G zero) ● A nondividing state ● Response to a lack of growth factors ● Mature (fully differentiated)/ adult body cells ● reversible - depending on cell type ○ Mature nerve- or heart muscle cells will most likely remain in G0 ○ Lymphocytes (white blood cells) can be stimulated to reenter the cell cycle ○ Skin cells are not likely to enter G0 at all Apoptosis ● Cell suicide ○ Programmed cell death ○ Response to DNA damage Cellular Senescence ● Irreversible loss of the ability to divide ● Response to DNA damage ● Alternative to apoptosis ● Related to changes associated with aging Pass M checkpoint if: All chromosomes at
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