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sign up for research studies based on the instruction sheet • Psychology of Studying ⿞right hand -=urry ⿞left hand - shin ⿞& ⿞6 ⿞6 ⿞2 ⿞8 ⿞0 ⿞8 ⿞3 ⿞4 ⿞9 ⿞1 ⿞9 ⿞5 ⿞2 ⿞5 ⿞4 ⿞7 ⿞7 ⿞numbers are irrelevant - multitasking we do on a regular basis what does the research say? ⿞ps allowed to text during research study of lecture score sig.worse on quiz then ps not allowed to text ⿞people who identify as multitaskers - they are more easily distracted even when not working on multiple tasks ⿞task switching not multitasking - cannot focus on both at once ⿞Effective studying techniques - ‣ dunlosky et al.article ‣ Low utility techniques: • not as effective as you think they are • highlighting • rereading Highlighting (or underlining) study that had students read 8000 word scientific articles under different conditions active highlighting passive highlighting (already highlighted by someone else) control (no highlighting) comprehension test performance better for highlighted text,but particularly for active highlighters decline on performance for non-highlighted material ⿞negative correlation between how much they highlighted and how well they did on test ⿞Highlighting does little to boost performance versus simply reading ⿞if highlighting you need to not do it poorly - be selective • Rereading: ⿞students given passage to read either 0,1,2,4 times ⿞10% of words deleted from text and students asked to fill in banks ⿞more times read it the better they did ‣ but.... ⿞benefits of rereading diminish after 2nd time through ⿞most studies have examined massed rereading,not spaced rereading ⿞most studies have focused on memory and not comprehension ⿞very little research has actually documented benefits of type of rereading students usually do • Effective StudyingTechniques ⿞moderate utility techniques ‣
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