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October 18th

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David Ekbladh

Mr.Monroe's (or it it George Canning's?) Doctrine: The U.S. in the "Pax Britannica" - President James Monroe and the Monroe Doctrine - - Still indirectly falling out of the napoleonic area - People still don't see the US as a dominant power but power is shifting - Monroe Doctrine - - We do not accept any further colonization in the western hemisphere - still a fairly bold statement for the United States at this time - Why does it work? - - Works within British hegemony - Effects of the Napoleonic wars - - Steep decline of the spanish empire - Spanish colonies- devolution - - dragged into a british sphere of influence - Broad independence movements - - series of uprisings make spanish rule look weak - Revolutionary actions in Europe have a bad reputation - - Monarchs worried about revolutions - Especially tsar Alexander of Russia - By supporting Spain, it might pay some dividends to Louis the 18th - France could assert its prerogatives in the new world, show its a major player again - British find out, oh shit - - they're concerned - For the americans.. - - Initially met with excitement - 'murica love republicanism - 'murica hates kings - spanish holdings are catholic, americans are mostly protestant - protestants skeptical of what they could accomplish as catholics - - racial component as well - - too much mixed blood - lowers spanish territories in mind of americans - John Quincy Adams - - I wish well for their cause, but I do not see any prospect that they will establish a free government blah blah something like that - US does not support any of the independent south american government - 1819- america gets florida and in 1822 begins to recognize these governments - Talk in Europe - - British are very nervous that other monarchs are wishing to rescue the spanish - conservative british ministry - Duke of Wellington - - unhappy with republican revolts - pro spanish monarchies being a thing - BUT Foreign Minister George Canning - hears about the other mo
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