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November 4th

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Tufts University
David Ekbladh

The Most Critical Year- 1867: Maximilian in Mexico, the Birth of Canada, and the Reconstruction of North America - Amendment XIV - - Makes african americans/slaves citizens of the united states - What happens after the civil war - Section 4- debt ceiling - "Rebellion and Insurrection" as opposed to fought in the civil war - - how the US government saw the civil war - War of the rebellion- winners name for war - - somehow civil war caught on even though it was the losers name for the war - Three fifths clause is struck down by section 3 - section 1- equal protection clause - establishes federal primacy - southerners cannot play with the debt of the union ect to pay off their debts from the war - Bitterness- 800,000 people killed - The freedman's bureau - - responds to needs of freed slaves - Howard University- monument - - built to educate freed slaves - built school ect. - Free blacks are a reminder to white southerners that they lost - - outbreaks of violence - south ruled in military sections by federal troops - - a la Germany after WWII - Andrew Johnson - - moves to rehabilitate the south - southerner himself - declares reconstruction over - turns a blind eye to racist laws in the south - - black codes - congress is pissed! - - south seems to be reestablishing slavery in all but name - here comes the 14th amendment - andrew johnson is impeached - congressional reconstruction - - under appreciated for its impact on the country - a certain set of principles that come out of the north prevail - south now subordinate, impoverished ect - - British very quickly start to grown their own sources of cotton - south lives on northern wealth- refer to themselves as a colony- self pity - 1865- the Nation - - people before the war said these united states - now the united states - states vs union - Reconstruction ends in 1877 - - before this there were some blacks in congress
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