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Jessica Remedios

10/16 Class Notes Attitudes Part 1 Attitude – a positive, negative, or mixed reaction to a person, object or idea Not a fact Contain evaluative component Attitude quadrant – positive reaction (PR), negative reaction (NR) High PR, low NR  positive attitude High PR, high NR  dual attitudes (ambivalence) Low PR, high NR  negative attitude Low PR, low NR  indifference We have attitudes so we can judge things quickly and without too much thought Attitude downsides: close-mindedness, biased ways of interpreting new info, more resistant to change Measuring attitudes allows us to determine: Issues people support/oppose (political psychology) What makes attitudes change (prejudice psychology/marketing) Whether attitudes predict behavior (health psychology) Measuring methods: self-report (explicit), physiological, implicit Self-report: Advantages – direct (externally valid), easily administered Disadvantages – too simply to capture complicated attitudes, imprecise, assumes honest reporting, assumes self-awareness of people Physiological measures: Ex. measuring ex-girlfriend/wife appeal – show pictures of different women and measure heart rate Advantages – covert, precise Disadvantages – intrusive, measures intensity but not valence, harder to administer Implicit attitudes: attitudes that one is not aware of having Ex. prejudice – obviously inaccessible to self-report questionnaires Advantages – covert, easy to administer, correlate with nonverbal behaviors Disadvantages – unclear what tests measure, unclear whether implici
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