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Lecture 14

LECTURE 14 - Louis Kahn.docx

by OneClass377046 , Fall 2014
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Architectural History
Course Code
AHST 1100
Scott Bernhard

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Movie: “My Architect” about his funky life
Associated with Kahn:
1) “I asked a brick what it wanted to be”
2) Service and served spaces
-Tried to use materials as honest expression of capacity
-Sense of morality, even monasticism
-Trained in a beaux-arts-y method
Exeter Academy Library, Andover, New Hampshire, 1967-1972
-Cubeish brick with wall edges exposed so walls look/are free-standing
-Likes to use “funky bricks”, but they are load-bearing
-Beauty of building comes from assembly, not stuff put on
Interior: exposed concrete, clad in travertine where people touch
-Entracnce: huge and grand, stacked wooden trays of books (slightly detached), around curved
circle wall forms
-Tilted lectern-style built-in wall bits for placing books
-X-shaped ceiling supports, letting in light from clerestory
-Little study desks with window for each student
-Wooden built-ins all around
Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas, 1968-1974
-Alternating wide and narrow bays
-Vaults gapped, don’t extend continuously along entire thing
-Long, vaulted spaces (alternating service and served)
-Poked “holes” in roofs with different interruptions for light
-Lots of diffuse natural light inside with peeks into courtyard
-Curatorial space and storage beneath bays
-“Vaults” = service and served bays divided with mechanical stuff above service bays
-Unusual skylight piece reflects natural light to hit interior surface of curved vault (changing
angle of incidence)
-Cycloid-shaped dome  best shape for reflectors to diffuse light
-Banded “tartan gird” of wide and narrow
-Worked directly with construction workers
-Flexible galleries with movable partitions (service bays used)
-When pouring concrete wall: form ties to hold together molded parts
-Used holes as “honest” ornamentation
Salk Institute, La Jolla, California, 1959-1965
-Building to support work and labs of Jonas Salk
-Needed lab and office spaces with central courtyard
-Stream of water running down center of site to ocean
-Tartan grid seen again in courtyard layout
-Bilaterally symmetrical with axis pointing to West, between land and sea
-Office towers with laboratories to the exterior
-Wooden infill on buildings  teak and glass, but open alternating and filled floors
-Only occupied by people on every other floor, mechanics and pumping of materials to labs on
other floors, to keep space un-subdivided in labs
-Fascination with ruins and ancient architecture

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LECTURE 14LOUIS KAHN 19011974Movie My Architect about his funky lifeAssociated with Kahn1I asked a brick what it wanted to be2Service and served spacesTried to use materials as honest expression of capacitySense of morality even monasticismTrained in a beauxartsy methodExeter Academy Library Andover New Hampshire 19671972Cubeish brick with wall edges exposed so walls lookare freestandingLikes to use funky bricks but they are loadbearingBeauty of building comes from assembly not stuff put onInterior exposed concrete clad in travertine where people touchEntracnce huge and grand stacked wooden trays of books slightly detached around curved circle wall formsTilted lecternstyle builtin wall bits for placing booksXshaped ceiling supports letting in light from clerestoryLittle study desks with window for each studentWooden builtins all aroundKimbell Art Museum Fort Worth Texas 19681974Alternating wide and narrow baysVaults gapped dont extend continuously along entire thingLong vaulted spaces alternating service and served Poked holes in roofs with different interruptions for lightLots of diffuse natural light inside with peeks in
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