APR 271 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Tenzing Norgay, Integrated Marketing Communications, Edmund Hillary

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APR 271 12:52
Strategic Thinking
INDUSTRY IMMERSION: industry.ua.edu
Spike and Biscuit: Charleston, SC
Rawle Murdy
Strategic Planning. Why Bother?
It delivers results efficiently
Sir Edmund Hillary
1953: Hillary & Nepalese sherpa Tenzing Norgay become the 1st to climb Mt.
What Hillary did not say when asked how they did it: “Well you know, we
was just out walking around one day and the next thing you know…”
The Value of Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning delivers results effciently. But there are many challenges.
Low ebb in trust toward business (and the media)
Dynamic communications environment: Digital disruption; changing
audience views
Increasing diversity in the US
Important to understand strategy early in your career; critical to be good at
it later in your career
=an exciting & important time for PR professionals!
Strategic Planning Phases
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find more resources at oneclass.com
Same approach, various acronyms
RPIE (research, planning, implementation, evaluation)
ROPE (research, objectives, programming, evaluation)
RACE (research, action, communication, evaluation)
ROSIE (research, objectives, strategy, implementation, evaluation)
Terms for this class: research, objectives, strategies, tactics, evaluation
What is Public Relations?
Swann, “If you ask a hundred people, you would probably get a hundred
different replies-and several confused looks.” (pg. 1)
My definition of PR, “working with people to represent or communicate a
message that is much bigger than themselves.” “help build a brand”
Key Public Relations Functions
Tied to the business goals of the organization
Builds 2 way relationships with key audiences
Delivers key messages
Is an important part of managing corporate reputations
Helps drive or support marketing campaigns & projects
PR Includes: (tool box)
Social media
Media relations (interviews, press conference, etc.)
Why is PR Valuable?
Swann identifies 9 organizational benefits:
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find more resources at oneclass.com
Provides awareness and info
Fosters internal motivatin
Provides an early warning system of/for potential problems
Helps identify opportunities
Helps manage crises
Helps ameliorate “execute isolation”
Helps facilitate change
Helps promote social responsibility
Helps influence public policy
PR & Advertising
Similar to PR:
Both are persuasive in nature
Advertising using paid media, while PR depends on earned (unpaid) media
Both ineract with the creative process differently
The notion of credibility is much more central to PR
PR & Marketing
Similar to PR:
Both commonly identify consumers as a key public
Both emphasize the value of relationships
Marketing relies on paid media
Outwardly focused while PR focuses on both internal and external publics
PR & Journalism
Similar to PR:
Both ackage content/info for public consumption
Both often use similar writing conventions and style (AP style)
Journalists are bound to objectivity while PR practioners assume an
advocacy rule
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
With increasing frequency, organizations have adopted an integrated
marketing communications approach
In short, IMC can be understood as the blending of PR and marketing
communications (ex. advertising) within an organization
Encourages consistency & working toward a common goal
Increases impact at a minimal cost
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find more resources at oneclass.com