ARH 373 Lecture 3: Lecture 3

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Lecture 3
Anthony Van Dyck
o a successful painter in his own right
o specialist in Rubens' workshop
o son of a merchant
o patterns himself on Rubens
o part of the guild by the age of 18
o Flemish artist
Self Portrait
o Anthony Van Dyck
o 1623
o shows himself in silk and satin
o shows what he will become which is a courtier artist
o depicts himself as a gentleman and not an artist
Christ Crowned with Thorns
o Van Dyck
o 1620
o Antwerp
o working for a Catholic client but do not know the patron
o subject that is being depicted comes from the gospels and the stories of the passions
of Christ
o dog has symbolic value - loyalty and faith ("fides" - fido)
o window shows Flemish street urchins that peer in
these children are from the 17th century and contemporary figures
makes you think it is happening now
o emphasizes the humanity, humility, and torment of Christ
o bright pops of local color are very similar to that of Rubens
o looser brush strokes in parts of the painting
Van Dyck
o travels to Italy from 1632-1626/1627
o works for a large group of wealthy aristocratic patrons in Genoa
creates a large number of portraits
o painted a series of 85+ portraits of people
Titian identified with state portraits
state portraits were for the purpose of standing in for a ruler or important person and
relates them to their office
o often show element of their rule
o 3/4 or full length
o landscape
o piece of cloth - cloth of honor
o column of fortitude
A Genoese Aristocrat and Son
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