ARH 373 Lecture 4: Lecture 4

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Lecture 4
Jacob Jordaens
o very influenced by Rubens and collaborated with him
o paints religious imagery
o known for being a painter of genre scenes
o son of a linen merchant
o converted to Protestantism
o had his own studio shop
The King Drinks
o Jacob Jordaens
famous for such feasting scenes with rich interiors (high life genre scenes)
- long Flemish tradition of scenes of feasting with a moralizing
o 1655
o Antwerp
o for somebody's lavish home in their dining room
o huge painting
o 12th night celebration - relating to the feast of antiquity
January 6th
commemorates the epiphany
whoever found the bean in the cake was the king for the feast
the man at the end with the crown is the king
o genre painting
o on the top plaque it says "no one is much of fool as one who drinks too much"
o seven deadly sins
o humorous moralizing painting
o high life genre
o theme is temperance - that we should modify our desires
As the Old Sing, the Young Pipe
o Jordaens
o 1645
o Jagdschloss Grunewald, Berlin
o the young are at last as bad if not worse as the older generation
o young people are being wasteful and gluttonous
o momento mori with skull
Adriaen Brouwer
o known for images that are thinly painted with looser brushstrokes
o painted as humbly as his subjects are depicted
o famous for low life genre scenes
o very much esteemed by his contemporaries
o Van Dyck and Rubens collected his works
o humble methods for humble subjects
paints very thinly
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