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Lecture 19

MKT 473 Lecture 19: MKT 473 Chapter 19 Notes

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University of Alabama
MKT 473

MKT 473 Chapter 19 Notes Objectives of a Research Report • The research report is the only permanent medium for conveying everything research related 1. Explain why the research was conducted 2. State the specific research objectives 3. Explain how the research was conducted 4. Present the research findings 5. Provide conclusions and recommendations Conclusions and Recommendations • Findings: ➢ The data the research returned • Conclusions: ➢ Generalizations that answer the questions raised by the research objectives or otherwise satisfy the objectives • Recommendations: ➢ Conclusions applied to marketing strategies or tactics that focus on a client’s achievement of differential advantage The Research Report • Organizing the report: ➢ Prefatory: 1. Title page 2. Table of contents 3. Executive summary ➢ Main body: 4. Background 5. Methodology 6. Findings (primary and secondary) 7. Conclusions and recommendations 8. Appendices Interpreting the Findings • Executive summary: ➢ Portion of a research report that explains why the research was done, what was found, what those findings mean, and what action, if any, management should undertake • Roughly one page. Make it its own page • Should be the most persuasive part of the entire report and self-contained Main Body – Methodology • Research design: ➢ What type of study (exploratory, causal, descriptive) ➢ Data sources ➢ Data collection method (interview
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