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Lecture 9

PSC 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Fiscal Conservatism, Limited Government

Political Science
Course Code
PSC 101
Stephanie Paul

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The 2 Political Parties
Conservative christians and religiously committed citizens of all faiths
Economic and social conservatives
People in rural areas
People with highest income
No-cuban hispanics
Secular people
People with graduated degrees
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Parties as Organizations
Party organizations as candidate-centered
Voters and donors have control
Party conventions
Meet every 4 years
Nominate presidential and VP candidates
Write party platform
National party committee
Conduct party business between conventions
Main function: serve campaigns
Congressional campaign committees
Raise money, conduct research, provide media services, encourage candidates
Controlled by party members in congress
Highly professionalized and well founded
State party organizations
Relatively independent from national committee and convention
Associated interest and advocacy groups
Influence parties on policy and ideology
The Republican Party
GOP (Grand Ol Party)
Founded in 1854
The Democratic Party
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