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Lecture 12

COM 225 Lecture 12: Lecture 12

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COM 225
Scott Murszewski

Lecture 11 Social Attraction: • Our tendency to evaluate another person in a consistently positive way o We like socially attractive people o Often a precursor to sexual attraction • Complex multidimensional concept o We may have mixed feelings about a person o Goes beyond physical attractiveness • Social attraction is intrinsically linked with: o Sexual attraction o Relationship formation, maintenance, and satisfaction o Can promote fulfillment of certain human needs ▪ The need for affiliation: our need to establish and maintain relationships with others ▪ The need for intimacy: need to share personal information about ourselves Mate Value: • How well someone rates you as a long term partner (both for themselves and for the sake of prospective children) Sociosexual Orientation: • Think of this in terms of short term and long term goals o Are you looking for Mr/Mrs. Right, or Mr/Mrs. Right Now? • Restricted sociosexual orientation o Looking for long-term compatibility • Unrestricted sociosexual orientation o Only looking for short-term compatibility o For women, this is partly influenced by ovulation cycle (good genes vs. Good dad) Social Exchange Theory: • Quantifies how we view each other o The exchange of rewards and costs attributed to a situation or an individual o People strive to minimize costs and maximize rewards o In the context of social attraction, when rewards outweigh costs, we seek to become closer with that person. • Factors in our decision-making process using social exchange: o Comparison level: minimum standard of acceptable behavior o Comparison level of alternatives: comparison of cost/benefit in cu
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