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University at Buffalo
Environmental Design
END 279
Kerry Traynor

Ellicott developed new land that would later be New Amsterdam (Niagara Street, Elmwood, Delaware Ave, Niagara square (where they meet), and Main Street). • All of these names (or was it some?????) were originally Dutch names- reflective of Amsterdam • It was a developed plan that lasted 100 years before it was altered This work didn't last, because the British Canadians burnt buffalo to the ground-----> settlers moved in and changed the name to buffalo. 1. names were changed 2. vagsoghough and vohogan (not spelled correctly) became _____ and Erie streets 3. this upset Ellicott Ellicott recognized transportation potential 1810- Erie canal commission- connecting east cost to the lakes of Lake Erie. Ellicott was hired to create a route • He chose an inland route. It was used because of the natural materials available for construction in abundance- limestone and timber. Also Lake Erie is quite violent. The waves are really bad during storms because of the shallowness of the lake. • He wanted the terminus to be in Black Rock, Buffalonians wanted it in Buffalo. • o It got placed in buffalo bc of politics o John Wilkensen, and some others had a lot of land and were expecting it to be placed their o they t
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