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Lecture 3

PHI 101 Lecture 3: PHI 101 Lecture 3Premium

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PHI 101
Lawler James

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Confucius wants to focus on this life
o Consistent with the hunter gatherers
Believed that spirit was all a part of nature
Mencius thought about how morality is human nature
o Counterpart: don’t we have to force people to be good through education
The Ch’I of Heaven and Earth
Both Heaven and Earth are composed of Ch’I
The superior person is not an egotist (Mencius)
o Fills the space between Heaven and Earth (spirit fills)
Balance the universe
The Five Elements
Han goes back to Confucius
Develop cosmological theory
o Doctrine of the five elements
Heaven employs the five basic elements
o Bad parenting is not natural
Correspondences How they’re connected to the Universe
Wood is the agent of the minister of the Agriculture
o Wood begets fire
Metal is of the ministry of the interior
o Soil begets metal
o Metal cuts down trees (tools)
Water produces Earth
o Lakes
Water produces wood
o Plants need water
Yin and Yang
Heaven has the Yin and yang
Tung Chung-Shu incorporates Daoism with Confucianism
Human nature is;
o Congenital goodness (yang)
o Natural emotions (yin)
The ways of Heaven and humans are are connected
They’re intertwined logically
Men and Women
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