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Lecture 3

PSYC 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Falsifiability, Pseudoscience, Vagueness

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PSYC 1001
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Foundations of Psychological Science Day 3
Experiment : Placebo Effects
Expectations can influence you
Rogaine : hair loss thing
Bottled water tasting
4 million dollars on bottled water
Just because in a bottle doesn’t mean it is free of bacteria or arsenic
75% of people liked tap water better than bottled water
Resolving Placebo Effects
Include a group that only gets the expectation
Independent variable → drink tap water or drink
bottled water → measure taste
Placebo group
Drinks tap water but thinks it is bottled water →
measure taste
Human expectations that bottled water will taste better than tap
Historical Perspectives
Think of your last relationship conflict - with a lover, friend, or sibling. How did
you respond? Feelings, behavior…
I distanced myself from the person, flight, quiet, tried to stay away,
avoided it
Everyone responds to things differently, how has your life shaped your
own response
How do the id, ego, and superego explain who you are and what you do?
How would BF Skinner explain who you are and what you do?
How does the cognitive approach explain your responses to the world?
What is the cause of your feelings and behavior?
Why you are who you are
Answer #1 : You are driven by your unconscious
Freud’s Dream Theory
Unconscious fulfillments of sexual wish
Video : Freud
Self that attempts to deal with the outside world itself (ego)
Never the master
Powerful unconscious forces in our beings (id)
Blind instincts
Opposed to id (Superego)
Rigid, punishing, and repressive
Restrictions of society we grow up in
Ego : world of reality but constantly affected by demands of id and
Without insight into the forces doomed to play out our lives into
dramatizations of our past with parents
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