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Biological Sciences Program
BSCI 106
Alexandra Bely

BSCI 106H: Population Growth  Organismal  Population ecology: factors regulating population growth rates and population size  Population: group of individuals of single species living in same general area o Population characteristics? (to make model of pop growth, how N now is related to future N) Patterns and rates of reproduction, death rate, ratio of male to female, trends in upbringing vs. number of offspring (refer to text)  Number (N): number of individuals in population, important for assessing potential for increase in absolute numbers, particular importance in conservation, can be estimated by, ie: mark-recapture method (Fig. 53.2) Sampling 2: Sampling 1: # captured during S1 & S2 = # captured during S1 # captured during S2 N  Density (N/area or volume) o Many ecological factors influenced by density of a population, not the absolute number  Dispersion: pattern of spacing among individuals; ie: clumped, uniform, random; Fig. 53.4  Change in N over time=population dynamics (Fig. 53.3) [births, deaths, immigration, emigration]  Potential ch
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