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Lecture 13

GVPT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Phylogenetic Tree, Polyphyly, Gnathostomata

Government and Politics
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GVPT 100
Irwin Morris

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BSCI207 Exam 1 Review Sheet
1) Draw a phylogenetic tree (any sort of branching is good) and state a group of organisms that is
in a monophyletic group, a group of organisms in a polyphyletic group, and a group of organisms
in a paraphyletic group.
2)Question: Cladograms always display information about
a. relative branching order of lineages in the tree
b. how much evolution occurred along each branch
c. exactly how many years ago each ancestor lived
d. exactly how many living descendants of each ancestor are still alive
3) Based on the following tree, write whether the group is monophyletic, paraphyletic, or
a. jawless fishes
b. gnathostomes
c. ray-finned fishes
d. eel-like fishes
(jawless and lungfishes)
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