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Lecture 3

GVPT 100 Lecture 3: Variables and Data

Government and Politics
Course Code
GVPT 100

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Variables and Data
Empirical measures of characteristics (operationalized concepts)
Every variable has at least 2 values (it varies)
Exhaustive (can categorize every observation into a variable)
Mutually exclusive (can only take up one value)
Variables can be measure as –
Cross Section (measurement happens once with everyone)
Time Series (take one subject and observe over time, opposite of cross section)
Panel Study (combination of both above, cross section studied over time)
Three Principle Types of Variables
Nominal (ex. What state are you from)
oExhaustive and mutually exclusive
oOne category is not more or less than another category – simply different
Ordinal (ex. Attitude, war, satisfaction)
oExhaustive and mutually exclusive
oAND can be ranked
Interval (ex. Household income, age, GDP)
oExhaustive and mutually exclusive
oCan be ranked
oAnd the distance between intervals is standardized
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