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Lecture 32

PHIL 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 32: Grant Writing

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PHIL 100

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Class #18- October 26th, 2017
Introduction- We began with a 7 minute writing exercise on something pressing in our
1. Check page 7 of the syllabus for what to do if you are absent and how to make the
professor aware of such absences.
2. Class absence policy is only enforced for unexcused absences
Presentation on “Frosting the Cake” from Nov. 14th was done in class as well as the “FP
transmittal cover letter” from Nov. 16th
- These are for later in the semester because we are not supposed to be able to do
these until later in the semester
- Right now we should just be focusing on researching and writing
Icing on the Cake
1. Formatting takes time
2. A good title page
a. NO “.: after BY
b. NO pg numbers on the table of contents
3. Table of contents
a. Easy to navigate
b. Goes into detail about sub-headers.. Saying what is in the content
c. Don’t be generic with your headers either
d. MS automatic Table of contents can be useful
Transmittal/ Cover Letter or Memo
1. How do you know whether to write a memo or cover letter?
a. The letter is for a message to someone outside of where you are
b. If someone is working at the University of Maryland, there is no point in
sending a letter that includes your return address information
2. Requirements
a. Write a letter or memo
b. Directed to approving audience
c. Even if it is emailed, still need to do it
d. One page and should either use business letter or memo format
3. Purpose
a. Eliminate confusion
i. Record of the delivery
ii. Due dates not in report
iii. Helps navigate document
iv. States next steps
v. Contact info
b. Influencing reader’s perception
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