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Lecture 17

PSYC 221 Lecture 17: Political Psychology

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PSYC 221
Dylan Selterman

• Moral Foundations Theory o People have morality on two levels o Individual level morality ▪ Care (vs. Harm) ▪ Fairness/Justice (vs. Inequality) ▪ Liberty (vs. Oppression) o Group-level morality ▪ In-group loyalty (patriotism, allegiance) ▪ Authority/Respect (parents, police, institutions) ▪ Purity/Sanctity (sex, food, spirituality) • Disgust • Correlates most strongly with religiosity/spirituality o This theory applies cross-culturally • Moral motivations o Liberals say that individual morality is much more relevant than group morality ▪ Conservatives say that group morality is just as important o Liberals are more likely to agree with: ▪ Everyone should be treated fairly ▪ Justice, fairness, and equality are the most important requirements for a society o Conservatives are more likely to think ▪ Loyalty to one’s group is more important than one’s individual concerns ▪ Did someone act in a way that God would approve of? ▪ Did someone cause chaos or disorder? o Conservatives ▪ Prioritize group loyalty • Sex, flags, outsiders o Liberals ▪ Rhetoric prioritizes worldliness and individual human rights • Healthcare, income equality • Morality and politics o Liberals moralize recycling o Most environmental messages are framed in a harm/care message o The differences between liberals/conservatives disappears for purity framing ▪ “Pollution is gross” o Do liberals support funding the military? ▪ When framed as group loyalty, no • US can be the greatest nation on earth ▪ When framed as harm-reduction, yes • Disadvantaged citizens can overcome the challenges of poverty and inequality o C
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