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PSYC 353
Richard Yi

Chapter 12: Eating Disorders 11/13/12 Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa Eating Disorder NOS (Not Otherwise Specified)- most common of diagnostics - Show characteristics of other eating disorders but don’t meet entire criteria - Binge Eating disorder Anorexia Nervosa - Refusal to maintain at least 85% of appropriate body weight - Intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat - Experience of body overly influences one’s self evaluation - Amenorrhea (female)- absence of menstruation given their low body weight (at least 3 periods) Types - Restricting Type- simply refusing to eat - Binge/ Purge Type- binging or purging behaviors Associated Features - Impaired interpersonal relationships - Physiological symptoms- insomnia, slow heart rate, lanugo (soft body hair develops on chest and arms) - Personality characteristics- perfectionism, anxiety, distress, ocd traits - Comorbidity Epidemiology (~1%) - 90% are female and usually begins in adolescence - More likely in Caucasian women - Half have positive outcomes w/ treatment - Death rate of ~8% - Serious medical complications Bulimia Nervosa - Recurrent episodes of binge eating - Recurrent use of inappropriate compensatory behaviors to prevent weight gain (eat too much and vomit) - Does not meet weight criteria and maintain less than 85% of body weight but anorexia does Types - Purging Type- compensatory behavior engage after binge is self- induce vomiting or purging meds
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