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Lecture 16

PHSC 401 Lecture 16: AIDS

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Public Health Science
PHSC 401

PHSC401: Epidemics 5317 Epidemiological transition: shift from acuteepidemics to chronic disease and accidents as major health concerns Early 20 century Aids and other epidemics changed that shift Context for AIDS emergence Imperial conflict within Africa o 1830s and 1914: Europe colonizes Africa Sanitary science makes this possible whereas prior attempts failed Quarantine, isolation, segregation of colonists from natives tropical medicine tool of imperialism Focused on diseases Sleeping Sickness o Arrival: 20c during colonization Congo (500,000 people) Weakened immunity, destruction of habitat, crowding of work gangs disease Tsetse fly from forest habitat into work camps 19011920, also kills 250,000300,000 around Lake Victoria SIV passed to humans o Scientists created family tree of HIV transmission using earliest isolation of Virus Belgian Congo, 1920 (Leopoldville) Workers in colonial labor camps with low immunity (overworksanitation) exposed to chimp meat Decolonization and Modernization of African Nations (19401970s) African nationalist leaders: Kenyatta (Kenya), Nkrumah (Ghana), Boigny (Cote DIvoire), Nyerere (Tanzania), Senghor (Senegal) 19691970: Vietnam protesters are marching, women are marching Lifestyles: Sex, Drugs, Disco Conservative Reaction to Rights Revolutions of 1960s, Sexual Revolution of 1970s Equal Rights Amendment to Constitution: would have stated equality of rights under the law shall not be denied nor abridged by US of any State on account of sexy Passed Anita Bryant: former beauty pageant winner, actress, spokesperson, starts campaign to repeal ordinance in 1977 that guaranteed rights for gay people o Succeeded, law passed in FL that banned gays from adopting o Overturned in 2008 HIV epidemic
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