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MSC 465 Lecture 1: innate

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Marine Science
MSC 465

Inflammatory Responses • 2 forms of inflammation o acute – in that moment something to accomplish o chronic – • massive recruitment and response becomes more systemic o more players, and lots of things being turned on at once o being turned on by cytokines o neutrophil – white blood cell gets sticky rolls along blood vessel wall and then crosses over and now in the tissues ▪ responding to a number of things being released ▪ bacteria actively disrupting tissue will itself turn on a number of things including cytokines ▪ as the cells come in they are responding to these things ▪ if you turn on complement ▪ can also have opsins ▪ lipopolysaccharide – carbohydrate with lipids attached to it  gram negative bacteria cell membranes  PAMP – pathogen associated molecular pattern Toll Like Receptor • Phagocyte could potentially have a receptor that matches the surface of the bacteria, which is more likely to be gobbled up because its recognized o Innate recognition but we will be bale ot tell • LPS is a PAMP, and the receptor that recognizes is a PRR (pathogen recognition receptor) o Germ line encoded receptors that recognize components of pathogens o Why would we have these? ▪ LPS is not unique it is a long held conserved molecular pattern that gets expressed by gram negative ▪ Over time host cells that recognize that have carried over time throughout evolution – conservation of receptor ▪ There are also other receptor mediators that have to be co-adapted because of commensal bacteria – to allow this recognition system to be quieted depending on environment • Drosophila • Also plays an immunological role • Few different varieties and that they were specifi
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