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Political Science
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POL 201
Sylvia Thompson

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It is hard to defeat an incumbent (someone running again)
Political Party leadership is less powerful than they were in the early years
Conventions- if you want to run for the senate, you need approval of people from
the party, not just leaders
When open to primaries, you get some Mavericks nominated, those who are not
fully in step with the ideals of the party
Party nominees are not so ideologically pure
More diversity in candidates
Candidates run their own elections much more than in other countries
Raise own money, get staff and volunteers
Have the help of their party but are more independent than in other parts of the
Always had direct elections for House, have switched to direct elections for Senate
Can have as many terms as you are elected to
Some states made term limit laws for their specific House and Senate members;
the representatives and senators affected sued and it was deemed unconstitutional
We would have to amend the Constitution for a term limit
The House and Senate would have to propose this amendment – which would
never happen
Presidential Election
2 term limit
oElected FDR 4 times and after that they decided they no longer wanted
this to happen
o22nd Amendment deemed that President could only be elected to 2 year
Indirect election
oArticle II, Section I – explains what electoral college is; chosen by state
oPeople are not choosing the President, the states choose
oWanted to be sure that they got someone from the elite as President
oAlso thought that an election of the President nationwide would be
impossible to campaign for, and how would you count it? These were the
days of transportation by horse
oLiked the idea of a President who was above politics
oPeople choose state legislators -> choose electors -> choose President
oEach state is given same number of electors as they have members in the
U.S. House and the U.S. Senate
oBigger states have more electors than smaller states have
oFlorida has 29 electors and this will only increase because our proportion
of US population is growing

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It is hard to defeat an incumbent (someone running again) Political Party leadership is less powerful than they were in the early years • Conventions­ if you want to run for the senate, you need approval of people from  the party, not just leaders • When open to primaries, you get some Mavericks nominated, those who are not  fully in step with the ideals of the party  • Party nominees are not so ideologically pure • More diversity in candidates Candidates run their own elections much more than in other countries • Raise own money, get staff and volunteers • Have the help of their party but are more independent than in other parts of the  world Always had direct elections for House, have switched to direct elections for Senate • Can have as many terms as you are elected to • Some states made term limit laws for their specific House and Senate members;  the representatives and senators affected sued and it was deemed unconstitutional • We would have to amend the Constitution for a term limit • The House and Senate would have to propose this amendment – which would  never happen Presidential Election • 2 term limit o Elected FDR 4 times and after that they decided they no longer wanted  thindto happen o 22  Amendment deemed that President could only be elected to 2 year  terms • Indirect election o Article II, Section I – explains what electoral college is; chosen by state  legislators o People are not choosing the President, the states choose o Wanted to be sure that they got someone from the elite as President o Also thought that an election of the President nationwide would be  impossible to campaign for, and how would you count it? These were the  days of transportation by horse o Liked the idea of a President who was above politics o People choose state legislators ­> choose electors ­> choose President o Each state is given same number of electors as they have members in the  U.S. House and the U.S. Senate o Bigger states have more electors than smaller states have o Florida has 29 electors and this will only increase because our proportion  of US population is growing o Constitution requires a census 
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