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Theatre Arts
THA 101
Darren Blaney

March 3 Theatre as a Social CommentaryCritique The Mountaintop by Katori Hall The Mountaintop is a historicallyfictional play written by Katori hill about Reverend Martin Luther King Jr The setting is MLKs hotel room the night before his assassination March 7 What is the social purpose of theaterCloud Nine by Caryl Churchill Acts 111 Act one is set in British colonial Africa during the Victorian Era There are many sexual references and much confusion on sexual preference due to what society asks of the individual and what the person truly feels This causes unstable relationships between couples and much passive aggressive behavior towards others Act two is set in London Park in 1979 Some characters from act one reappear in act twoTo them it feels as if only twentyfive years have passed In this time the characters can do as they please In a much more liberal time they can act with freedom and end up happyInterpretation In act one all the characters are confined to acting to what society wants them to be The conform to the rules regulations and laws of the land Following these rules leaves each individual extremely unhappy because it is not what their hear nor soul desiresIn act two the characters can take part of and indulge any untraditional sexual experiences they please At the end they live happy in their new relationships without the pressure of society to be someone they are not They are now on Cloud 9
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